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autoGenerateFilterExpressions should work on multiple levels


It would help a lot if the autoGenerateFilterExpression annotation would work in a cascading way.
Example data model:

user > person > contact > organisation > organisation_role

1. A user has a person property
2. Contact is the object that links a person to an organisation (and a person could be a contact for multiple organisations as well as an organisation can have multiple contacts)
3. An organisation has a primary organisation role

In detail:
user many-to-one person
person one-to-many contact
contact many-to-one person
contact many-to-one organisation
organisation one-to-many contact
organisation many-to-one organsation_role

Now it would be awesome to be able to filter the users by organisation_role
Currently it only works to display User + Person filter expressions in the user view (if using autoGenerateFilterExpressions on the person relation on user). But it stops there. It would be awesome if it would work traversing as long as you want and also dealing with all types of relationships (many-to-one, many-to-many and one-to-many)



Dominic Watson


Jan Jannek



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