Translation form should not only be accessible via the edit form of an object


This is related to (translation status in grid column).

If a translation language is selected from the dropdown, you get to the appropriate form and can enter the translation data there. But when you submit that form (save the translation), you do not get back to the list but to the general edit form of the related object.
This is strange from the UI flow. It would be better if the user gets back to the list as the intention was not to edit the base object but only the translation.

Furthermore this could become a permission issue: What if you want to have a user that is only allowed to do translations, but not to modify the original default language object? This will not work with the current UI workflow.

However as mentioned on slack a dedicated translation flow with separate screens might be required for translation-only users.

For now I think that a good improvement would be to just go back to the list in case the user came from the list. Obviously if the user came from the form to the translation screen, she would need to be directed back to the form. So it needs to be distinguished.


Manikandan M


Jan Jannek





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