Add possibility to define root URL/domain to be used within Email Centre Mailings


Currently Preside E-Mail Centre makes use of the main domain, probably the default website or configured domain in Coldbox settings. But it's always the same and not changeable.

However there are a lot of use cases where a user might want to pick another domain.

For example:
There might be, and
The first 2 are used for websites and the later one only for all newsletter or mailing related things.
It would be awesome to define another domain on an email template in Preside.

Alternative example would be if you would have a main and a micro site, e.g. and - and you might want to create different mailings for the main and microsite.

The links in question are the viewonline link, the opening tracking pixel link, click tracking, links to static and dynamic assets and possibly also links to own webpages from the website.

This could either be a picker from the configured website domains (including aliases and redirects), or configured hard-coded allowed domains from the Preside Config.cfc settings (including injected config).

Third option could be to just let users define a URL manually.

Ideally all of the above would be supported and it should be available on Email Layout/Blueprint/Template level, to easily define it once or custom overwrite it.

This could be implemented as a feature which is disabled by default.




Jan Jannek





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