Duplicate Site and changing one site to sub URL path throws and error


This is what I did:

  • Duplicate Site in site manager

  • setting the domain of the new site to a non existing domain name

  • setting the url path of the source site to something like "/2018"

  • setting the domain of the target site to the original domain and the url path to "/"

When doing a ?fwreinit=true on the url path "/" the following error is thrown:
Error when adding site tree page. You have not supplied a parent page and there is already a root page for the site. There can only be a single root page per site

Calling the source site with the path "/2018" works fine.

The only way to get the new site running is by setting different domainnames in the site settings.




Dominic Watson
February 19, 2019, 7:56 AM

Hey Michi, I'm having trouble reproducing this. What do you mean by "Source site"? The clone feature is mostly just a shortcut to creating a new site. I am able to:

1. Choose clone site
2. Change the path of the new site /2018 (with same domain as original site)
3. Hit clone

Done. You can then update the "original" site to the 2019 content.




Michael Hnat