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Setting Maintenance Mode should pause the automated running of tasks whilst in maintenance mode


As discovered recently when a site is set into Maintenance Mode the site will still try to run tasks from it's scheduled task in Lucee (it'll hit a 503) however this then appears to stop after 3 attempts, likely Lucee halting the repetition of the task, the problem is after coming out of maintenance mode, all tasks will be stopped unless Lucee is restarted and/or a new task placed in Lucee, the fix for this is to stop automated tasks running during maintenance mode, storing if they were on or off when the site was placed into maintenance mode, then putting them back how they were after maintenance mode is lifted, an update to the docs will be needed if we use the maintenance mode file `.maintenance` to store this detail so if this is manually deleted the user knows to set the tasks back to automated if they were.




Seb Duggan


Jack Thompson



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