Please add a full text search for the documentation


I'm so sorry, but I need to complain about the documentation:
You know, I really love Preside and all the people at Pixl8 and the rest of the guys. And I really appreciate all the hard work you do for us. And I'm trying to to my best to contribute wherever I can.
But there's one thing I really hate: The documentation!
It's not the documentation itself. The content of the documentation is really good and really useful. But it's really a horror to search for information in the documentation.
For example: I know there is a way to set a page-type to a system page. But I don't know the syntax. I also know, there's a page in the documentation where it is explained. But I have no chance to find it, because of the limited search functionality in the CMS used for the documentation. There's only a kind of keyword search which is very limited.

There seems to be a fulltext search plugin for the CMS (grav, correct?):

Please add this to the documentation system. All developers would be thankful for this.


Bryan Looi
July 10, 2019, 8:06 AM

Attempting to index the full body text leads to massive lag after typing in about 6 characters in the search bar.




Michael Hnat